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30                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

him than the rest, and stood cap in hand by his
father's chair. One day during dinner the Count
de Toulouse, a natural but legitimated son of the
King of France, came by his father's orders
to announce some great event to the abdicated
Monarch, and James immediately ordered Tyrconnel
to advance a stool for him. The Duke hesitated,
and it was not till he had received repeated orders
that he pushed forward a stool for the Prince. No
sooner had he done it than he brought another, and
taking the Duke of Berwick by the arm, attempted
to force him down upon it, crying out, " Since
bastards are allowed to sit down before my master,
sit you down, for you are as good a one as the

ixth. Breakfasted at Madame de Lamarck's
chaumiere. It is rather curious that she became a
devotee by going to a fortune-teller. She had been
long attached to the Marquis de Castries and asked
the witch what he was about at that moment. " II
est avec Madame de Blot," was the answer. The
Countess ascertained the fact, and, taking it as an
admonition from heaven, broke off all intercourse
with him and became a saint. Many years having
intervened since then, they are now on friendly
terms and he sees or writes to her every day.

Dined at  the Duke   of  Dorset's with